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  >> LifeWay Indy Free Methodist Church uses 3 'official' languages in its Worship Services

     English, Swahili and French

and 5 'unofficial' languages from time to time

Kibembe, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Lingala, Kinyamulenge.



  >> Within the LifeWay Indy Free Methodist Church congregation there are currently 24+ languages spoken.


  >> LifeWay Indy Free Methodist Church officially was organized and founded on June 2, 2019 under the Wabash Conference of the Free Methodist Church of North America.

  >> LifeWay Indy Free Methodist Church was born out of and much blessed by the John Wesley Free Methodist Church. We are so grateful for their ongoing love and support!

  >> Currently, 15+ different nations are represented in the LifeWay congregation.

  >> Since the beginning of LifeWay Indy Free Methodist Church, to date, 10 newborn babies have been added to the church family.  


  >> Every African family in the LifeWay Indy Church has family members that still live in Africa (grandparent, parent, husband, wife, children, grandchildren...). Some of our immediate and extended families remain in refugee camps, some are day-to-day trying to survive/flee the dangers of war...

  >> The average individual age of the congregants and members of the LifeWay Indy Free Methodist Church is 22.2 years.     

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