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   At LifeWay Indianapolis Free Methodist Church, we see lives transformed by our mission to "Love God, Love People and Make Disciples." We testify to the grace of God that leads people to an awakening, an awareness of Him and a decision to believe in Him (prevenient grace). We celebrate when people accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, receive His forgiveness of sin and begin their daily journey of a perfecting faith (transforming grace). We walk together the Christian call to live better today than we did yesterday, and better tomorrow than we did today - because we know the indwelling and filling power of the Holy Spirit unto learning, growing and living according to His Word. Our doors stand wide open to welcome you into our church family. You are welcomed here!

   Listed, are some of the ministries of LifeWay Indy (*indicating ministries that will soon come online) as we seek to be God's instrument of love and impact in the lives of families and individuals; within diverse communities; across different cultures; and throughout the Greater Indianapolis area.

LifeWay Adult Sunday School

LifeWay Indy provides exceptional Adult Sunday School classes under the instruction of outstanding Bible Scholars and Teachers. This is our way of promoting spiritual growth and greater understanding of the Christian Journey. It also provides a great time for questions and discussion, interaction and fellowship.

When we learn and study the Bible together - we grow stronger together!


Young Adult Ministry

LifeWay Indy has a wonderful group of university students and young adults within the Church family who are creative, energetic and full of purpose and great dreams. The Young Adult Ministry seeks to provide an intentional fellowship in which to grow spiritually, develop strong Christian relationships, enjoy shared adventures and activities, encourage and support one another, and to reach out to their friends with all that God would offer them through Jesus Christ.  

LifeWay "Prayer Ministry"

LifeWay Indy believes in the power of prayer. We know that God answers prayer. We know that God calls us to pray. Yes, we pray for the needs of our Church family, we pray for needs beyond our Church family, we pray for our communities, we pray for the City of Indianapolis, we pray for America and we pray for needs around the world... We pray for individuals who may not have the faith to pray for themselves. We pray and intercede believing God's hear our prayers.


The pastors and wives of LifeWay gather every Saturday at 10:00 AM for prayer. This is an open prayer meeting that is available for anyone to attend. 


Please feel free to submit your prayer requests on the message form found at the bottom of the page. We will pray for you.   

LifeWay "Worship & Praise" Ministry

The LifeWay "Worship and Praise" Ministry provides individuals within the Church the opportunity to serve God through their music gifts as an expression of their personal testimonies of committed relationship with and faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ. At LifeWay Indy, we do not believe that someone can lead others into that place of true worship if they are spiritually not there themselves.

The LifeWay "Worship and Praise" Ministry is comprised of humble, committed men and women who are diligent in attending rehearsals, active in the Church and willing to serve God. Beyond leading "Worship and Praise" in the LifeWay Church Services and functions, there are opportunities to minister in other churches and venues on behalf of the Church. 

"LifeWay Kids" Ministry

LifeWay Indy cherishes the children God has entrusted to our church. Every Sunday, age-specific classes and activities are provided by a very dedicated team of Sunday School teachers and assistants. This is a very dynamic and high energy time for "LifeWay Kids" to learn, interact, develop friendships and to grow their faith and love of God and the Church. It offers a safe place to process some of their struggles in the context of their respective lives. 

*During the vacations and summer time,

special activities are scheduled - fun, fun, fun...

**Age 4 years through 8th Grade

***Nursery Provided for infants through 3 years of age.

"LifeWay Youth" Ministry

LifeWay Indy has an active and growing number of young people within and connected to the church. The "LifeWay Youth" Ministry offers great opportunities for Bible Study, Spiritual Growth, Counseling, and Mentorship for young people facing crucial decisions and the challenges of life. "LifeWay Youth" seeks to reach out to friends and other young people beyond the church in ways that they might become a part of this great fellowship and activities, even come to a personal faith relationship with Jesus.


*"LifeWay Youth" is for High School Youth 

**"LifeWay Youth" plans youth adventures,

trips and activities throughout the year.

**"LifeWay Youth" Annual Youth Conference

takes place in the Fall of each year.  

Bible Study/ Growth Groups

LifeWay Indy offers two cycles of "Growth Groups" during the year. These are Home-based Bible Study and Fellowship Groups organized by a LifeWay "Growth Group" Coordination Team who train the Group Leaders and set the schedule, oversee registration and help manage and support the general operations of the "Growth Groups". These groups provide a wonderful fellowship opportunity for new and seeking adults to join with members of the Church in a wonderful and personal time of study, discussion and prayer. 


Growth Groups are offered on different days of the week in order to accommodate the different work and life schedules of those who want to commit to and participate in their specific group. 

LifeWay Women's Ministry

LifeWay Indy has a very strong and dynamic Women's Ministry led by a duly elected Leadership Team. This awesome ministry provides opportunities for spiritual growth, inter-personal support, fellowship and connectedness for the women of the Church. It also engages in specific ministry projects that strengthen and nurture "Body Life" within the Church.


Other Ministries

Compassion Ministry

World Missions

English Classes

Affiliate Ministries:

African Immigrant Ministry

"Welcome Home Conference"

Hope Africa University

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